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company news about MTP MPO Cable Assembly in 5G High Density Data Centers

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The sales recommended the MTP cable to connect our new 40G modules for the Cisco switch. She also helped us designed the cabling to ensure the right polarity. We installed the products on our cabinet when we received them, no issues.

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The fibre patch cables are working really well and have been installed for quite some time. It is great source of fibre optics for us. When we have anything to order, we will definitely come to you.

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These adapters are very cost-effective and of good quality, they have been working reliably from the moment I installed them.

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Company News
MTP MPO Cable Assembly in 5G High Density Data Centers
Latest company news about MTP MPO Cable Assembly in 5G High Density Data Centers

In the 2G/3G/ 4G era, mobile communications are mainly deployed in the form of voice and data services. With the coming of 5G, the advantages in transmission speed have been greatly improved, enabling 5G to be launched in more aspects, such as VR/AR, autonomous driving, intelligent manufacturing, smart home, Internet of things, etc. field. In this case, 40/100G networks are more commonplace and now become a trend and hotspot for data-center cabling system. Meanwhile, most IT companies have realized that MTP/MPO cassettes, trunk cable, and adapters are the essential backbone to their infrastructure. So, we will explain some basic factors in MTP and MPO connectivity in this article, with the purpose of better understanding this connectivity method.

It is known that 40/100G transmission utilizes parallel transmission, in which the data is simultaneously transmitted and received over multiple optical fibers , thus a multi-fiber connector is required. MTP/MPO connectors which have either 12 fiber or 24 fiber array, will better support this solution. MPO is the generic name for this Multi-Fiber Push On connector style. While MTP is a registered trademark and identifies a specific brand of the MPO-style connector.

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MTP/MPO connectors are pin and socket connectors-requiring a male side and a female side. Cassettes and hydra cable assemblies are typically manufactured with a male (pinned) connector. Trunk cable assemblies typically support a female (unpinned) connector. The connectors are also keyed to ensure that proper end face orientation occurs during the mating process.

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When migrating from 10G to higher-speed 40/100G, MTP/MPO harness cables are necessities. Also known as MTP-LC breakout cable, it has a single MTP connector on one end that breaks out into 6 or 12 LC connectors, providing a transition from multi-fiber cables to individual fibers or duplex connectors. MTP/MPO harness cable provides a reliable and cost-effective cabling system for integrating legacy 10G to higher speed 40G/100G Ethernet.

In summary, MTP vs MPO connectivity solution has proven to be an effective, feasible and flexible option to achieve 40/100G transmission, especially with the case of large- capacity and high-density data center environment.
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