Single mode Direct Connection for QSFP-40G-PLRL4 Transceivers to 4x10G Breakouts Go to Different Hosts

How to breakout 40G singlemode link into 4x 10G for going to different purpose? A type-B female MPO/MTP-4x LC harness cable is required. Then one QSFP-40G-PLRL4 Transceiver and four 10G-SFPP-LR Compatible Transceivers are connected by a type-B female MPO/MTP-4x LC harness cable. In figure1, ANC Fiber Optic provides the simplest way to connect 40G QSFP+ PLRL4 to 4x10G Breakouts in the network.

Fiberstore lr4_transceivers_pic01.png

Figure 1