Terms Regarding Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Angled Polish

Angled Physical Contact (APC) is a term used to refer to a connector polished at a slight angle, which typically provides back reflections (return loss) greater than 60dB.

Bend Radius

Minimum radius a fiber can bend before the risk of breakage or increase in attenuation.


The point on a multifiber cable where the outer jacket is cut to expose the cable subunits.


Material used to protect optical fiber from physical damage.


Many Individual fibers contained within a single jacket.

Cable Assembly

Fiber optic cable that has connectors installed on one or both ends.


The material surrounding the core of a optical fiber which promotes total internal reflection.


A material that is put over the core and cladding of an optical fiber to protect it from the environment.


Used to provide a transition from ribbon fibers to individual fiber connection ports.

Insertion Loss

The total optical power loss caused by the insertion of an optical component such as a connector, splice or coupler.


A layer of material, generally plastic, that surrounds an optical fiber to protect it from physical damage. Unlike the cladding, the jacket is physically distinct from the fiber core.


Individual paths in optical waveguides. Singlemode fiber has only one mode, the fundamental mode, while multimode fiber has several hundred modes. The upper limit to the number of modes is determined by the core diameter of the waveguide.

Multimode Fiber

An optical fiber whose core diameter is large compared with the optical wavelength- contains more than one mode.

Patch Cord

An optical fiber with a connector on each end. Also referred to as a jumper.


An optical fiber cable with a connector on one end.

Ruturn Loss

A measurement of the light reflected back to the source at an optical interface.

Multimode Fiber, Patch Cord, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, Fan-out, Breakout

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