Fiber Optic Cleaver

Fiber Optic Cleaver


  • Both compact type and large capacity type
  • Fiber scrap container available

Product Description

Fiber Optic Cleaver manufactured by ANC International Co., Limited is used to cut the fiberglass to make a good end face, as we know the quality of the bare fiber end face will determine the quality of the joint of the fibers in the fiber optic fusion process, and the joint point quality means higher or lower attenuation of the fiber connection line. So the fiber optic cleaver is very important in the fiber splicing process, it works together with the fusion splicer to meet the end needs. ANC supplies all kinds of high precision single fiber cleaver for fusion splicer, ribbon splicing and field cleaver for Fiber Optic Mechanical Splices, high quality, convenient, flexible, excellent performance and high reliability.


  • Compact body & lightweight
  • Applicable up to 12-fiber cleaving
  • 48,000 fibers blade life (3 height x 16 positions)
  • Fiber scrap collection-free


  • FTTx
  • Either single fiber or ribbon splicing (up to 12 fiber ribbons) applications
  • Field termination of fiber connectors
  • Mechanical splices
  • Laboratory applications

Technical Data

Applicable fibers Silica optical fiber
Bare fiber diameter 125um
Cleaving angle 0.5 degrees at single fiber
Blade positions 3 height and 16 rotating positions
Blade life 48,000 fibers (1,000 fibers x 3 height x 16 positions)
Dimensions 102W x 82D x 46H (mm) with FC-02 and FDB-03
Weight 210g with FC-02 and FDB-03


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