Fiber Fault Locator

Fiber Fault Locator


  • Continue light or pulse light
  • Power supply: two AA batteries

Product Description

Fiber Fault Locator manufactured by ANC International Co., Limited with 650nm Laser Diode Module is a portable, efficient laser source to locate fault in fibers. It is pen type, equipped with universal 2.5mm or 1.25mm adapter. It can detect all the connectors and is quite essential for fieldwork.


  • Near Infrared light: 650±10nm
  • Fiber Identified Distance:>=1~25km
  • Output Power:>=1~25mw
  • Laser Emit Life>=5,000 hours


  • Single mode and multimode fiber testing
  • Fiber identifier applications
  • Locating breaks and bends in fibers and connectors
  • Identifying fibers and tracing optical signals by using modulated signals
  • Optimizing splices

Technical Data

Type FL-38-I FL-38-II FL-38-III FL-38-IV
Central Wavelength 650±10nm
Pulse Frequency 1.3±0.2 Hz
Dimensions Ø24*170mm (Interface is ignored)
Optical Power ≥1mw ≥5mw ≥10mw ≥25mw
Measure Distance ≥1km ≥1km ≥10km ≥25km


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