Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Wipes


  • Clean perforations do not generate long, loose strings and fibrous tails when torn from the tub opening
  • Compact size ideal for tool kits, cleaning kits, congested workbenches and tight workspaces

Product Description

Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes are specifically designed for use by technicians working on fiber optic and/or photonics applications. These wipes are made of a glue-free, super-purity, lint-free polyester material that is stronger, softer and more absorbent than traditional “cellulose wipes.” These wipes are sized perfectly for cleaning fibers either (a) after stripping prior to termination or fusion splicing or (b) for cleaning connector end-faces after polishing. The convenient mini-tub makes these wipes a winning choice on the workbench or out in the field. 90 wipes/tub.


  • Supplied dry for safe travel and easy transportation
  • Wipes can be used dry and wetted individually, or the tub and perforated roll of wipes can be saturated on-site with the preferred cleaning solvent
  • Unique, aperture surface cleans gel, color layer, cladding residues
  • Wipes are non-scratching, non-lint, soft and absorbent
  • Wipes feature aperture pockets to collect gritty, scratch-inducing particles


  • Used as a portable, clean, dry wipe, ideal for toolboxes and repair kits
  • Can be saturated with water-based cleaners, or solvents to increase cleaning

Technical Data

Product Type Accessories
Packaging Bulk Pack
Units per Delivery 90/1
Package Contents 90 wipes


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